Cascha HH3956 GB Ukulele-Set

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Soprano ukulele in brown Fretboard and bridge: WPC Body and neck: basswood Brilliant... mehr
Produktinformationen "Cascha HH3956 GB Ukulele-Set"
  • Soprano ukulele in brown
  • Fretboard and bridge: WPC
  • Body and neck: basswood
  • Brilliant sounding nylon strings by AQUILA
  • High quality machine tuners
  • Standard tuning G-C-E-A
  • Incl. bag
  • Incl. tuner
  • Incl. 3 picks
  • Incl. method „Ukulele – learn to play quick and easy“ + DVD
  • Height: 54 cm / 21 ''

This Ukulele bundle contains everything you need for a perfect start! Just unpack and have fun. The ukulele is a cool instrument. It's handy, small and easy to learn. Because of its quality this soprano ukulele is suitable for both, beginners and advanced players. It has an excellent sound quality and can be played easily. Thanks to the precision machine heads and the excellent AQUILA nylon strings it keeps its tuning always perfect. With the enclosed Ukulele Method 'Ukulele - Learn to play quick and easy'. The combination of instructional book, audio CD and DVD offers every beginner the perfect introduction. Together with the case, three picks and the Cascha Clip-on tuner this set is the perfect ukulele bundle!

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